Who stays at a Smart City Apartment?

Smart City Apartments LondonThis may seem like a silly question but in reality, it’s a good one to ask. Just who DOES stay at a Smart City Apartment in London, instead of a hotel? When you are looking to book your stay in the city it is important to make the right decision and sometimes you might be left wondering if you are the kind of person who should stay in an apartment over a hotel. We’ve looked at all of the many visitors to our 3 apartment locations in Cannon Street, City Road and London Bridge over this month of this year and have broken them down into the following groups

1 – Families with children

Our apartments are the perfect choice for families visiting London with children. Most people would agree that routine is important for children and despite the fact that everyone becomes a little more relaxed on holiday, you need to be confident that you will be able to settle your children down at night and keep them happy and secure. Hotels are not always the best choice for children. Imagine getting back to your hotel at the end of a busy day out and about in London, you and your children are tired and need something to eat, baths and to relax. In a hotel you will have to sit in the lounge or other public area and then when it is time for your children to go to sleep, the chances are you will have to sit quietly in the room where they are asleep. This will make it hard for you to relax.

In a Smart City Apartment you will be able to put your children to sleep in their own room and relax in the living area. You can enjoy a meal and a relaxing evening in front of the TV while you know that your children are sleeping securely in the bedroom.

2 – Business travellers

Apartments for business travellersIf you are visiting London for business then staying in a Smart City Apartment will guarantee you the space that you need to be able to unwind after a busy day at work. You will have your own kitchen and living area to prepare your meals in and if you need to continue working through the evening you will be able to make use of the fast WIFI and prepare those important presentations. Choosing to host a business meeting in the privacy of your own apartment is an option that is open to you, something that you wouldn’t be able to do if staying in a hotel.

3 – Groups of friends

London is a great city to visit for partying and big nights out. If you are planning to spend a weekend enjoying the bars and clubs, you may find that you need more flexibility than a hotel can offer. Choosing to stay in a Smart City Apartment means that you will be able to come and go as you please and you wont have to worry about curfews in a hotel. You will have plenty of space to get ready to go out, to relax when you get back and you will all be able to share the same apartment without feeling crowded.

4 – Single Travellers

Kitchen at Smart City ApartmentsAnyone visiting a new city on their own needs to feel secure and comfortable in their environment. Eating alone or sitting in a hotel bar relaxing on your own can be uncomfortable, especially for female travellers. Choosing to stay in a Smart City Apartment takes away those awkward feelings and ensures that you will have a safe and secure base to allow you to enjoy your visit.

5 – Couples

Whether you are visiting London together as a birthday present, honeymoon or simply to get away from the humdrum of your everyday life – a Smart City apartment is the perfect choice for couples. You will have a fully fitted kitchen in your apartment which you can make use of to prepare your meals, or you could choose to have a takeaway delivered if you don’t want to have to cook. Having your own space to relax and enjoy a long soak in the bath or chill out on the sofa and watch a film is a luxury that you wouldn’t get from a hotel.

In reality, anyone can enjoy a stay at a Smarty City Apartment. Whether you are travelling alone, as part of a couple, a group, for business or with your family – booking with Smart City is a smart choice.

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